Who are we?

Savarchodja Turaev

He is the head and director of our hostel. Born in 1947 near Dushanbe, Savarchodja worked as an exporter of fruits, before he took over the position of the chief cook of a Tajik restaurant in the capital. No surprise that he can can easily prepare delicious traditional Tajik dishes! Furthermore he has a strong flair for numbers, which makes him the perfect accountant for our hostel. He is also responsible for all the paperwork. Living in the Soviet Union for the most time of his life, he had the chance to visit many different places all around the country. This and his open-minded nature and curiosity formed his talent to understand all different kind of people – a quality he preserved even is his old years. Not everyone will set up a hostel in the age of 69!

Languages: TajikRussian

Zarif Turaev

Zarif is Zafarchodja’s third son. He was born in 1981 in a small village in the surroundings of Dushanbe. After his studies of economics and labour technology he filled a management position at his youngest brother’s company for several years. Due to his corresponding background in economics and his couragous and strong-willed nature Zarif is the manager of our hostel. He is the guy who makes our hostel running and thanks to him it is so successfull as it is! In his private life, Zarif is a husband and the father of four children. He has strong affiliation for mechanics and technology and is a very skilled craftsman. This stands us in good stead as he manages to fix even complex problems in the twinkling of an eye.

Languages: TajikEnglishRussian

Philipp Partsikian

Born in former Leningrad in 1988 his family moved to Georgie very soon, just to find themselves living in Switzerland in 1993. In the year 2008 he enrolled at the University of Zurich, where he first studied Latin language and philosophy, after changing his major to Clinical Psychology with focus on Child and Adolescent Psychology. During his student time he found himself having insatiable wanderlust, leading him on two 3-months bike-trips first to Marocco and later to Iran in 2012. He is an dedicated member of couchsurfing.org, having invited far more than 100 guests to stay at his home. His curiosity, impartiality and love for adventures and his background in hospitality makes him a reliable and indispensable consultant of our hostel.

Languages: GermanEnglishRussianFrench

Latifa Turaeva

She is the Zarif’s daughter and the name giver of our hostel. Her favorite occupations involve playing with her brothers and sisters and running after straying dogs. She is a very jaunty and happy young girl, but she will never forgive you if you take away her favorite toy: her father’s mobile phone. She can’t speak, so the means of communication with her are a bit restricted. No matter what you tell her – her reaction will be this puzzled “ah?”-sound and no one can really tell whether she just doesn’t understand you or whether she is fooling around with you. In contempt of all of that, Latifa is the family’s beloved youngest daughter. And it’s hard not to love her!

Languages: still learning